Mercedes Ruiz Biography

She was born in 1980 in Jerez de la Frontera, Cádiz.

At the age of seven, she became part of the Company of Manuel Morao y Gitanos de Jerez, collaborating with them for several months, first in Madrid and, later, in New York (Town Hall Theatre, Plymouth Theatre) and Canada (The Golden Lion Theatre).

In 1998 she worked with the Company of Antonio el Pipa, performing at the Festival of Jerez, at the Graft Opera (Austria), The Villa’s Cultural Centre (Madrid) and at the Union Festival (Murcia).

In 2000, during a year, she danced with the Company of Eva Yerbabuena, in the show “5 women 5”, in a national and world wide tour.

In 2001, she competed in the World Music Festival (Italy), together with the singer Miguel Poveda.

In 2002 she started her career as a soloist. She danced with Andrés Peña in performances such as those of the prestigious cycle of the Cultural Centre of El Monte (Seville) or the Mont de Marsan Festival (France).

She performed in a successful tour in Japan with Belén Maya.

Likewise, being part of the Company of Andrés Marín, she performed at the New Flamenco Festival in Los Angeles, and at the Biennial Exhibition in Seville, 2002.

The COMPANY MERCEDES RUIZ was created in 2003.

After winning the Biennial Exhibition Award in Seville in 2002 she started her career as a soloist and a leader of her own company. Her first show, Dibujos en el aire (Drawings in the air) was performed for the first time in February 2003, at the Festival of Jerez.

In October and November of the same year the Company travelled on a tour through France, Holland and Japan.

In February 2004, she introduced her show in Paris and Helsinki. Likewise, she participated as a guest artist in the show of Miguel Poveda at the Central Theatre in Seville.

In the month of April, she introduced her dancing show in Madrid.

In September, she introduced at the Maison de la Danse de Lyon (Biennale) her second solo show, Gestos de Mujer (Women Gestures).

In October, it was performed in London.

In November, she carried out a tour through South America with Antonio Canales.

In 2005 she introduced Gestos de mujer at the Villamarta Theatre in Jerez, during the 9th Festival of Jerez, where she acquired a great success from the critics and the audience.

In 2006 she performed in the greatest theatres of the world two shows of her Company: Gestos de Mujer and Dibujos en el Aire.

The same year, in September, she introduced Juncá at the 11th Festival of Jerez, obtaining the critics award for the best show of the festival.

In May 2008 she completed a season with her company at the Gran Vía Theatre in Madrid, where she got the “sold out” sign hung out for several days. Due to this success, she decided to return to Madrid the following season and complete it at the Alcazar Theatre, during July and August.

In January 2009, she made a tour through Italy and France, performing Juncá.

In March 2009, she introduced her last show at the Festival of Jerez, Mi Último Secreto (My Last Secret), obtaining a very remarkable success from the critics and the audience.

Later, she offered her premiere of his show in France, at the prestigious festival Montpellier Danse. With this show she also made tours through Russia, Italy and Luxembourg, between October 2009 and January 2010.

In February 2011 she performed at the Sadler’s Wells Theatre, at the London Flamenco Festival, where she introduced a compilation show of her preceding works: Baile de Palabra (Dance of Word).

In March this year she introduced at the 15th Festival of Jerez her new show: Perspectivas (Perspectives), with which she obtained an absolute success from the audience and the critics’ award for the best show of the contest.

Lately, she has been present in the Festivals of Rovereto, Poznam (together with the guitar player Santiago Lara), Milano Danza Expo 2011, The House of music in Moscow, Festival de Musiques Ibèriques in Colomiers, Cervantes Theatre in Malaga, Festival of the Guitar in Córdoba, Original Flamenco Festival in Madrid and Biennale of Seville.

At the 16th Festival of Jerez she puts out a brand new version of Baile de Palabra.

In 2013 she performs “Baile de Palabra” at Mont de Marsans, Milan, Berlin and Rome Flamenco Festival among others.

In 2014 she has been touring with “Baile de palabra” in Croatia, Serbia, Moldavia, Romania, Hungary, Bulgaria and France.

She is creating her new show named “Ella” which world premiere will be in Jerez Flamenco Festival 2015. At the same time she is creating some choreographies for National Ballet and the opera “Carmen”.